Say bye to Verbal conflicts and welcome the new way to bring life into your words and explanations with presentation

There are people who can speak fluidly right off the cuff. But not every speaker is born with this talent. Instead, the heart starts racing, palms get clammy and you suddenly find a frog lodged directly in your throat. So that the words don’t literally get stuck in the throat, excellent preparation for the speech can work wonders. Although one can never totally get rid of the nerves, excellent preparation can do wonders to banish any fear of failure.

So hear comes the time to presentation – particularly I want to talk about MS POWERPOINT – The best presentation software tool ever made. It’s my personal favorite anyway.

PowerPoint can be used in a number of different effective ways to communicate with your audience. Slides are completely customizable to fit your needs. Depending on your approach, you may want to have a presentation that is text-heavy, image-heavy or some combination of both. Text-heavy presentations are generally good if you are giving a lecture to a group within your company and want them to take notes. Image-heavy presentations can help to make your presentation more conversational in style since there only visual cues. Combining the two approaches gives listeners the benefits of both visual aids and notes.

31% agree that public speaking scares them. I’m surprised that this was not higher. The fear of presenting is very real among professionals in corporate America today, so much so that that many people are desperate to avoid it. Perhaps the survey audience was more comfortable at public speaking than the average person? Perhaps there is some different interpretation of what scary is? It’s interesting to note that 68% percent said that they felt they were “good” or “outstanding” at public speaking so the data could be pointing in that direction.

 People may be slightly better at designing slides than public speaking — It was interesting to see from the survey data that people are slightly better at designing a presentation (77% say they are good or outstanding) vs. public speaking (68% say that are good or outstanding).

Do you know ?

Experts estimate that 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day.

Powerful PPTs make selling easy

For those employed  in the service sector industry, the one thing you are sure to find in their portable storage device is a sales presentation or a sales PPT. Time and time again we see ineffective sales PPTs castoff into the recycle bin. A good sales presentation is key in aiding the sales pitch.

You may prepare your sales presentations by the book, but if it’s cluttered, text-heavy or mundane, convincing the client takes a major hit. A solid presentation needs to be coupled with a persuasive sales pitch. Provide a run-down of your product benefits and product USP.

The visual impact that an effective slideshow presentation provides is beneficial in many ways. The audience’s focus is improved. The interactivity and spontaneity are also boosted.

Whether it is a sales PPT, fundraising PPT, analyst presentation, conference PPT, elevator pitch or financial PPT, the presentation software will make the company business model and business proposition standout.

So here were some presentation importance all of us should know and hence perceive the knowledge to construct some great presentations for your companies,projects,seminars and many more.

-Rohit Roy

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