Excel workbooks can contain a lot of data, and this data can often be difficult to interpret. For example, where are the highest and lowest values? Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?

The answers to questions like these can become much clearer when data is represented as a chart. Excel has various types of charts, so you can choose one that most effectively represents your data.

Excel charts allow spreadsheet administrators to create visualizations of data sets. By highlighting a set of data within an Excel spreadsheet and feeding it into the charting tool, users can create various types of charts in which the data is displayed in a graphical way. This can aid understanding of a data set, as well as communication of it, with Excel charts suitable for use within management or corporate presentations.

A chart can create a clearer picture of a set of data values than a table with rows of numbers in it, allowing managers to incorporate this understanding into analysis and future planning. Benefits of charts and graphs also come into play in presentations, where they can be used to quickly illustrate trends in data for others to see.

With the chart function, you can generate a set of data into a chart and be able to transform the data without minimal input from you! It is easily to generate a chart in Excel with the option to choose different chart types with labels and titles.

Even though most of the chart function is automated, you can still customize charts to align with your local small business. You still have the ability to input data and control many of the different details in the chart. You can do this by first selecting a chart, then choosing options to change the data, chart type and more.

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Author: Rohit Roy

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