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  • Duration 16 hour
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MS Excel allows to organize, manipulate, analyse and manage data which in turn helps in decision making. It increases efficiency and effectiveness in the work.

Duration: 16 hours

We customize the course duration and syllabus as per the organisation’s requirement

Why Excel? MS Excel allows to organize, manipulate, analyse and manage data which in turn helps in decision making. It increases efficiency and effectiveness in the work. Excel helps in creating powerful visual aids like charts, tables. Excel helps in generating useful reports. Who should know Excel? Anyone and everyone-Bankers, Accountants, Teachers, Business Owners, Students, HR people, Marketing and Sales personnel etc. One should know Excel not just to generate reports or to work on Excel, but also to understand capabilities of this tool and understand the information given by Excel. People who are looking for job change (Excel is a functional tool required for all departments), people who want to start their career afresh (Excel provides solid foundation in analysis, reporting tool), people who are already working on Excel can attend this workshop to polish their skills.

Course contents

Day 1:

  • Organizing beyond simple formats- Conditional formatting
    • Do formatting based on the values, color code the values as per requirement
  • Advanced chart techniques
    • Make chart templates, use trend lines on the charts
  • Using advanced and powerful Functions
    • Use logical functions to work on conditions, use text functions to do mathematical calculations, use statistical functions to perform statistical analysis.
  • Sorting Data- Simple and custom sorting
    • Put data in organized manner before you generate reports, use simple to advanced sorting features

Day 2:

  • Using Subtotals to generate report
    • Finding sum, average for different groups, generating reports for specific part of the data can be done using subtotals
  • Tracking invalid entries using Data Validation
    • Invalid data in the report makes the report unusable, to keep a track of unacceptable values, audit feature of Excel is used.
  • Make reporting easy by using Filters – Auto and advanced filter
    • The essence of Excel is to be able to generate reports, filtering features help us to generate report for the required criteria.
  • Create, manage and format PivotTables
    • This is the most powerful feature in Excel. It allows us to organize and summarize data.
  • Working with Dashboards
    • Dashboards provide quick, visual way to updates for the work.
  • New features of Excel- Slicer, Sparklines
    • These are the new features of Excel.
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